Our Governance Structure

A strong control structure is the foundation of exemplary sustainability governance. It ensures a clear segregation of all roles and responsibilities, enhances accountability, and supports a consolidated approach to overseeing our performance. In FY 2022, we instituted a three-tier sustainability governance structure to enhance our sustainability approach and effectively administer our sustainability matters.

This three-tiered structure is chaired by the Board which holds the ultimate responsibility of steering the Group’s sustainability direction. The Board is supported by the Sustainability Working Committee led by the Chief Sustainability Officer (“CSO”) who manages sustainability strategies, material sustainability matters, policies and targets.

Sustainability Governance

Underpinned by KIP REIT’s vision and mission, our Sustainability Policy was established to foster a resilient, high performing corporate culture and guide the direction of our ESG strategy. It outlines our core ESG commitments towards long-term growth and facilitates embedding sustainable practices throughout our operations and value chain. This policy has been reviewed and approved by the Board and is subject to periodic review to ensure its applicability in the future.


KIP REIT is dedicated to upholding high standards of corporate governance and adhering to ethical business practices to protect stakeholder values and interests. We also comply with applicable laws and regulations to minimise risks in data protection and cybersecurity.


We aim to generate value for our stakeholders through stable and regular income distribution and capital appreciation. KIP REIT is committed to providing adequate work, productive employment, and platforms for SMEs to expand their businesses within the local community.


To reduce our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, KIP REIT is focused on implementing responsible resource management. We strive to assess and control GHG emissions arising from our business operations and promote the use of energy-efficient technology and renewable energy generation at our properties where practical.


KIP REIT works to create a safe, healthy, diverse, and inclusive work environment with fair opportunities for all workers. We adhere to strict labour regulations, prioritise product quality and customer satisfaction, and conduct supplier assessments to ensure suppliers address the pertinent social criteria. We safeguard tenants through security and crime prevention strategies, and we have an emergency response plan in place.